Welcome to Monkey Puzzle Walton On Thames. A beautiful nursery setting offering outstanding childcare to Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers aged 3 months to 5 years old.

We take pride to be part of the vibrant town of Walton-on-Thames that sits beside the River Thames with a historic town centre of Celtic origin in the Elmbridge borough of Surrey. Only a short drive to the M3 and the M25, our central location makes us the perfect nursery for families living in or commuting from the Upper Halliford, Molesey and Shepperton areas.

We offer your child the opportunity to learn and play in carefully designed surroundings, that are not only stimulating and creative but provide peace of mind where safety is of the utmost importance.

We have dedicated nursery spaces for the different age ranges, including mobile and non-mobile babies. Each room reflects the seven areas of learning as prescribed in the Early Years Foundation Stage and is designed to be accessible to every child.

When you ask yourself, what’s the best nursery near me, come and see us as we believe it’s Monkey Puzzle Walton On Thames!

About Monkey Puzzle Walton On Thames

  • Part of an award winning nursery group with over 30 years experience
  • Owned and managed by highly experienced Early Years experts
  • Open Mon-Fri 51 weeks a year
  • Closed for Bank Holidays and during Christmas week
  • Full day sessions from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Morning sessions and afternoon sessions available
  • All main meals and snacks prepared on site
  • Nappies, wipes and creams all included in the price
  • Modern security systems, including CCTV cameras
  • Amazing all weather indoor/outdoor play area with impact absorbing safety surfacing

Our fees are inclusive of freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and drinks. Daily menus are carefully selected to meet the energy requirements of growing children.

If you think the Monkey Puzzle Walton On Thames might be the nursery for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Our Visions and Values

When we think about Hygge in the Early Years we are focusing on the FEELING. We feel that no matter what their background or situation, “Every child needs a champion”. We as educators stand up for what our children need, value each child as an individual and understand that each child has the potential to learn from their surroundings in their unique ways. Our vision shapes all aspects of teaching and learning from the planning process, the interactions between staff and child and the learning environment.

By working in partnership with parents, we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is:

  • A home away from home
  • Warm, simplistic and joyful
  • A space to connect children to their families
  • Helping children to be powerful and active
  • Seeing oneself as a capable learner
  • Recognizing and being curious

Shared Values

  • Respect for children and childhood
  • A positive image of children as competent, capable, strong and powerful, who have enormous potential
  • The holistic learning climate has a significant impact on children
  • Playing outdoors, experiencing the natural environment is crucial
  • Well-being, co-operation, and teamwork are valued
  • Reciprocal relationships between children and adults are vital
  • To create a “laboratory of possibilities”
  • Parents are respected and valued
  • Relationships with the whole community and children’s wider environment are very important

Trips, Visits and Special Events

We believe in the importance of children exploring the ‘outside world’, even if it is only in the immediate local community i.e. the park, local shops, post office. We may offer to take them on a visit further afield – perhaps to the theatre, allotments, nature walks which would involve travelling to further areas around Walton on Thames. The staff ratios are increased on these occasions. We inform parents of any planned trips well in advance. These are lovely opportunities for the children to be involved in and welcome parental support on such days.

Photographs and Video

This is a high profile Nursery setting. Staff from the setting will be sharing its good practice with parents and during staff trainings. This can only be done with the use of high-quality images of the work we do with children – showing exemplary practice. We, therefore, ask parents’ permission to be able to present images/footage of children playing and working in our setting.

In a similar way, there may be times when we are asked to present our work in local newspapers, or on our website. These are all exciting opportunities to share our work and hopefully have an impact on other professionals. During the registration process, we offer parents a consent form, asking permission for their child to form part of this documentation, hoping that they will feel a sense of pride.