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Our nursery environment and facilities enable your child to explore, develop and learn. Our Baby, Toddler and Preschool spaces are specially designed and equipped especially with them in mind. You’ll see many familiar homely items such as bookcases, tables, chairs, and sofas just much smaller than you are used to!

Our Hygge Nursery

Our purpose-built building has 4 main base rooms plus a dedicated sleep room, sensory room and ICT room. Our children are divided between four rooms according to their age and stage of development. Upstairs is dedicated to our youngest children where there are two rooms… ‘SNUGGLE POTS’ for our very youngest babies from 3 months and ‘CUDDLE PIES’ for children up to 2 years old.  Both rooms are large and bright where our children have access to a range of toys, sensory equipment and soft play giving them lots of exploring, learning and socialising opportunities.

There are sleep cots, mattresses, black-out blinds, mobiles, sensory lights and calming music to sleep to aid the little ones to a restful sleep.

In addition, both rooms have their own dedicated changing facilities, milk kitchen and outside play area.

Downstairs is dedicated to our older children where there are two rooms… ‘FIRECRACKERS’ for our toddlers from 2 to 3 years old and ‘ADVENTURERS’ for our pre-school children from 3 to 5 years old. Both rooms are large and bright where our children have access to a range of meaningful resources and equipment giving them lots of exploring, learning and socialising opportunities.

Our setting has easily accessible child-sized toilets, child height wash trough with easy reach to the taps and soap dispensers, hand dryers and drinking water fountains within the rooms.

In addition, both rooms have their own dedicated changing facilities, hygiene sink for adults and outside play area.

Babies and Tweenies Environment

A place to relax and rest is just as important for babies as a lively play area, so a tranquil space for relaxation and calmness has been created for our babies using neutral colours. The Baby Room is where our Babies and very young children love to play and need first-hand experiences. No toy substitutes for a kind, playful, emotionally involved adult and very young babies want to see the world from an adult’s arms. Once they feel settled, secure, can sit securely and become more co-ordinated, older babies are in the business of working out what does what. They happily use all their senses, sometimes at the same time – Hear and make sounds, touch and feel, look and explore. Both our baby rooms have a range of open-ended materials that they can explore with their eyes, grasp with their hands and put safely to their mouths.

Our environment is calming and neutral with pockets of interest that fire a child’s intrinsic motivation to discover and explore. The layout of the rooms demonstrates the accessibility of resources for the babies. Careful consideration has been taken to look at suitable lighting, colour, decoration and noise level. There are space and freedom to move about, whether the babies are crawling, shuffling, rolling or exploring.  We have dedicated sensory areas, reading areas, sand, water and messy play areas, role play areas and construction areas, equipped with meaningful play resources that babies can directly relate to and are geared appropriately to their current skills and level of understanding.

Unlike their ability to hear, which is fully developed by the time they are born; babies do not fully develop their sight until a little later. Our dedicated Black and White area helps them to distinguish between shapes and visual objects in these early days.

An attractive and relaxing dedicated sleeping room awaits our tired children with the temperature constantly monitored to ensure the babies are comfortable at all times.

The most valuable resource in the baby room is the adults caring for the children who provide crucial interaction, contact and support for children. This significantly helps babies thrive in the nursery environment. How babies are cared for in their first year of life, the amount and level of their interactions, their physical, social and emotional encounter all contribute to their development, their growing sense of self of who they are in relation to others and to the growth of their brain.

Our trained and caring staff ensure a comforting routine at nursery that allows our children to grow and develop in a warm, safe, nurturing environment, using age and stage appropriate resources and activities. Allocated Key Person takes care of all your child’s personal needs whenever possible reinforcing the EYFS/HYGGE curriculum.

We operate a 1;3 ration in the Baby Room.

Toddlers Environment

At this stage, your child will be growing in independence. As they start choosing to do things for themselves, we are there to guide them to provide support and reassurance

Being a toddler is both exciting and a little daunting. We are there to nurture your toddler’s desire to explore and investigate.

Your child is further exploring their powers to communicate, to move purposefully, to assert independence and control important bodily functions. It is a powerful time full of emotions, struggles, delights and achievements and we are there to help them navigate this stage of their Learning Journey with us.

We provide an abundance of enjoyable activities and experiences to encounter for the first time, then to explore again and again, as new skills and new words are mastered and refined. Our trained Early Years staff understand the world of toddlers and provide supportive nurturing guidance that balances the need to be independent with the need for reassurance from caring adults.

Your child’s vocabulary will be rapidly increasing as they seek answers and continue to discover and make sense of the world around them.

They will continue to need physical challenges as they gain greater control and awareness of their bodies.

We support them at this important stage by creating strong social environments where they can make positive relationships with children and adults, to support their communication and language.

We also provide opportunities where children can explore cause and effect by looking at how and why things happen and our trained staff assist them in making healthy choices by encouraging greater independence at mealtimes and with self-care routines.

 We operate a 1:4 ratio in the Toddler Room.

Preschool Environment

Now your child is three, they have become a confident explorer of the world and seek new challenges.

Our pre-school programmes are designed to provide the teaching and learning that grows confident readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, athletes and artists.

Curiosity and the drive to question, investigate and test out ideas grow in children during the pre-school years. We will support your child to grow in confidence and be more independent, solve problems, work with others and develop an understanding of how the world works so that they leave us with a lifelong love of learning.

Programmes for learning are designed to lay the pedagogical foundations that give your child the confidence to:

  • Be ready to read and confidently equipped with the desire, vocabulary, and language-deciphering skills they have developed through experiences that are meaningful to them.
  • Approach the world with curiosity and have the knowledge and skills that lead to success in mathematics and science; a growing interest in the properties of things and the relationships and forces that exist in the natural world.
  • Use their personal and social skills of listening and communicating with others, self-discipline, patience, team-work and ability to solve problems.

Through a rich variety of projects, children investigate the fascinating world in which they live, enhancing the development of emerging knowledge and skills. A balance of child-initiated and adult-led guided learning across a balanced curriculum are provided throughout the day.

We operate a 1:8 ration in the Pre-school Room.

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